Sunday, May 31, 2009

Caught Again!

Yep...Perfy was caught again with "the dog"...hmmm there seems to be a pattern developing here!

-Kodak and Blossom

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Perfy and "the dog"

Look what Perfy is doing...he's sleeping with the enemy! Actually the dog takes care of us boys! Because, that silly Blossom is always jumping us and "the dog" always comes to our rescue. So we guess "the dog" is ok! We're both the same color! We kinda blend in together!

Mom is off work until the 9th of June. So we have her here all day everyday! We're so lucky right now! She's doing alot of things around the house-getting ready for her hooman son to arrive. He's going to be going to college in California and will soon be coming out to work with mom on GLEE. She said something about him getting cash for college.... who cares! Mom is home with us right now and that's all that matters!

Kodak and 3 Perf

Friday, May 29, 2009

On my perch!

This is all mine! My kitty perch that hangs on the door! All mine!

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mom is home!

Mom came home yesterday from her trip to Tennessee. Our wonderful petsitter stayed with us each night! But mom noticed when she got home that Blossom was back to her dervish self-beating up on the dog and racing around the house!

Was every kitty's hooman able to watch our mom's TV show last night? Mom spends all her time working on a show called GLEE. If you missed it you can catch it on spends more time with her work hoomans than us!!

-Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom
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Friday, May 15, 2009

Kodak at accupuncture

Kodak just had his accupuncture appointment. Our vet says he may have one more accupuncture appointment. He's going to be getting a chinese herbal medicine for his colon, bowels and itchiness called Three Seeds Combination.

Mommy is a big believer in eastern and western medicine!

Blossom was dervishing this morning! Mommy was very happy!!! It's the first time she's raced around the house since she's been sick!!

-Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mom is home and goes in to work late tomorrow

Mom just got home from work, it's 1030pm....but we never know what time it is because she works crazy hours anyway. She's sitting with us tonight because she doesn't have to get up at 430 in the morning! We'll all get to sleep in with mom! Then she'll go to work late tomorrow and our sitter will come and take care of us.

We just wanted to update you on Blossom. She's doing much better! She's really bouncing back! Eating lots and even racing around the house tonight!!

-Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom
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Monday, May 11, 2009

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I'm back...

Hi friends, Blossom here. My mom says I was getting lots of purrs from my friends! Thank you so much! Luckily my mommy knew I wasn't feeling well on thursday. She took me to the pet emergency and they stole a lot of my blood and a lot of my pee pee!. I got poked and prodded and put in a cage! My mom came to visit me late on thursday night. She gave me hugs and kisses and let me sit in her lap but then she left me in that place! In that cage! With some alien device around my neck! I just wanted to go home!

My blood was stolen again on friday-so I told them....I didn't eat because they stole my blood!

Mommy came and took me home on friday night. But I was still angry and feeling kinda yucky! I growled a lot at mom and my brother kitties and that dog! But I slept next to mom!!

On saturday mom gave me stinky goodness-- turned my nose up at it in the morning but then came back in the afternoon to eat my dry food. Mom was super happy about that-i don't know why?

Yesterday I started batting at perfy and kodak and that dog!! And found my kitty tv, the bird window! And of course my favorite piece of kitty furniture-my door length climbing post!!

Mom seems to be happy! She says I'm getting back to my dervish self! I'm not really in the mood yet to race around the house like I have in the past....but each day I start to feel better!!

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blossom is HOME!

First of all thank you to everyone who has been sending purrs!!! I can't appreciate it enough!! It really sucks when one of your furry babies is away from home in hospital sick!!!

Blossom came home late last night. I picked her up from the Pet Emergency around midnight when I got home from work! They pulled her catheter out around midnight so I had to stay up with her until around 1am so I could pull the vet wrap bandage off. Her vitals were good, her liver enzyme was back to normal and she was no longer dehydrated so she was clear to come home!

She's come home with 3 meds, which she is not happy about taking! She hadn't eaten at all in the pet emergency. They weren't happy about releasing her without her eating-but they felt she might not be eating because she was in the hospital. So home she came at 12:30 this morning. She was CRANKY! Growling and wanted nothing to do with anyone!!

The good sign, she slept on her pillow on the bed!!!

I woke up this morning and fed the babies-she still wouldn't eat, and wandered away growling. I had a 5k race to run this morning. It was the Revlon 5K for womens cancer this morning in LA-and I had a commitement to the team I had joined and raised money for. I didn't want to leave her but I was only gone for a few hours.

When I got back, I tried tempting her with more yummy stinky canned food-nothing! It wasn't until I had plopped myself on the couch after taking Kodak for his accupuncture appointment and had become a kitty resting place that I saw Blossom up on the counter eating her dry food!! Three Cheers!!! She's eating!

I just put canned food out as well-she ate some!!!! My little girl is coming back! She's still growling and not her dervishy self yet, but i'll just give it a bit of time!!! When she starts attacking the dog and racing around I'll know she's back!

Final diagnosis-ingestion of spider toxin! My vet says they know little about what spider toxins do to cats...well I think I just found out! I'm almost sure she killed a black widow. They are prevalent here in So Cal-having seen one on my balcony before! There is no way to stop her from killing spiders! But I am going to hunt for a safe effective way to trap them before she can get to them! For both my sanity and my bank account, I don't want to go thru this again! Pet emergency is not cheap!

I now am the proud owner of a $1650.00 spider!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Blossom update friday

From mom: I stopped by pet emergency last night after work to see my girl. She still hasn't eaten but I think she is acting more normal! She was growling! And I think she's looking and acting better!!

I called this morning to check on her. She still hasn't eaten. She's having more blood taken-so the vet will be calling me back around 10am... So I'll know more in a little while.

Thanks for all the purrs being sent Blossom's way!! THANK YOU ALL!!!

They can't figure out what she "got into" so the spider is looking like the culprit! So far the spider is worth $1400! I might have to sell stuff on ebay to pay for this stupid spider or whatever it might be...
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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Blossom Update...

Blossom is still at the pet emergency and will be until I get off work(around 10pm tonight) that is if the vet let's her go home. She hasn't vomited since this morning at home, but she's been on medication. She had xrays, blood work, urine-loads of tests. Her xrays showed no foreign bodies, her blood work was ok: she showed signs of dehydration-so she's on fluids, she had slightly elevated cholesterol and elevated liver enzymes but her urine had a lot of protein in it, which is what the vet was concerned and confused about. So she's going to run a urine culture to see if there is an infection. The vet did say that maybe she shouldn't have discounted the spider immediately-who knows what her reaction might be if the spider she bit was slightly venemous. But with the liver issues comes concerns about kidneys-but her kidney numbers were normal!

So that's all we know. The vet will try to feed her tonight around 6pm. And I'll be calling again to get more updates. And I'll be going to hopefully get her after work tonight!!!
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Blossom to pet emergency

Blossom's mom here. Around 12:30pm Blossom threw up. When I woke up this morning at 530am she was no where to be found. She didn't race up to the bed when the alarm went off, she didn't congregate in the bathroom and she didn't come for food! I couldn't find her anywhere. I did find a dead spider in the bathroom and immediately freaked!

She finally came out from her hiding spot-i have no idea where she had been. Then she threw up bile again. She was acting very lethargic-not her devious mischevous self! So I got in the car at 6am and off to pet emergency we went.

I took the spider with me-they think they have ruled out a black widow or a brown recluse. Now they think she might have ingested something. Her BP was fine, she seemed alert in her cage-watching an african grey-but they are going to xray her and get back to me.

The joy of pet emergency is that you have to pay up front from an estimate. Well, the estimate was $871.01-$1397.48. Not really what I had planned on doing this morning!

So $871.07 later-she remains in pet emergency, I'm waiting to hear about her xrays, blood work etc and we'll move on from there.

I'm now on my way to work so I can pay for this. But I'll do anything for my furry babies!
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Sunday, May 3, 2009

A patchwork of color

Perfy and our dog, velcro were face to face this morning adding to the color of the patchwork rug!
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Friday, May 1, 2009

Accupuncture for kodak

Mom is back at work today, but yesterday while she was still feeling under the weather she was able to take Kodak to the vet for his accupuncture appointment. He had needles put in different places this visit. He's been chewing the fur off his left hind leg. Mom and the vet think it's related to his lower back issue-so that's why our vet tried new accupuncture points yesterday. We'll see if he stops chewing and keeps pooping!

-3 Perf and Blossom
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