Sunday, September 28, 2008

Lazy Sunday with Winton

Winton ate some of his canned Wellness this morning. Mom put him up on the counter to eat! Then he moved to the couch to sleep! He's always near mom!! We all snuggled with mom in bed this morning. that silly Blossom was running all around the house, climbing things!!! She's silly!! But she's still a kitten and we're all much older than she is! She and Perf like to play alot-they race around! I just watch!!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

A slug like saturday with mom

Mom slept in until 9:30am this morning so we were all snuggling on the bed with her!! We love it when mom is home! Winton got his fluids today-another 50cc's. That's about all he cares for-then he starts to wiggle and squirm...and mom doesn't want him to do that with a needle under his skin. Winton got a special treat today-mom bought him baby food! He's not really super hungry so mom is trying to tempt him with yummy foods. We're all hoping he eats his baby food! Mom is going to get more baby food!

We've all be sleeping today-it's super hot here in southern cal. We are looking forward to the sun going down and it cooling off.


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blossom had her surgery today!

Blossom is home and cranky and growling. But everything went well with her surgery today. She has now been "fixed" as mom kept calling it. She came home smelling of hospital. She's growling alot and her tummy is shaved. She's a jumper so mom has put her in the big soft carrier with a blanket-she hopes she'll calm down and sleep for a bit and not climb. She ate some when she got back-she hadn't eaten since 6pm yesterday so she was ravenous. But mom didn't want her to eat too much. SO now she's resting. Mom had today off and she also has tomorrow off-CSI Miami cancelled mom for tomorrow, so she'll be at home with all of us!!

Winton has been sleeping most of the day on the couch. He received fluids again today-about 50cc. He was antsy today so mom could only get 50cc in him. But it's better than nothing!!! Everytime mom has been on the couch, Winton has been on her chest! He's been very needed today. Bit mom has enjoyed his love.

3 Perf has been hanging around mom today too, as well as me. We've all been a bit hungry-because mom had to take the food up yesterday at 6pm.

Now, we're all home and beginning to get ready for sleepytime!



Saturday, September 20, 2008

Winton gets his fluids....

Mom gave Winton his fluids again today. She was able to give him 75cc's of fluid-usually Winton starts to get antsy and cranky around 50cc's but not today!! SO mom gave him a bit more today! Mom had her brother take pictures since mom has never had the chance to chronicle Winton's fluids being given! He really is a good boy! We think he knows it makes him feel better!! Mom got a little added help from the vet-she's now massaging the area where the needle is inserted to spread the fluids-the fluids tend to clump in a hard mass which mom has been massaging to decrease and spread-but now she's doing while the fluids are going in and it helped alot today! So we are hoping Winton doesn't feel as uncomfortable now! Way to go Winton and mom!

-Kodak and 3 Perf

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Winton and Blossom

Mom took Winton and I, Blossom, to the vet today-I needed my FVRCP booster, which mom says I'll be getting on tuesday when I go back to the vet to get "fixed" -what does "fixed" mean? Mom also decided to take Winton in to get him weighed and for Dr. Evans, our wonderful vet, to check him out. 

Winton has lost about 2 lbs since january 2008...and mom feels that in the past month he's taken a turn for the worse. So she told Dr. Evans this. Dr Evans decided to take a blood sample just to test his BUN, Creatinine, potassium and red blood cells. Mom talked to Dr. Evans about his sub Q fluids-telling her that she's been giving him 50cc twice a week. Well that was the other reason she wanted to check his blood-so she could see where mom should be in the sub Q's. Because Dr Evans felt that he was a bit dehydrated. So off Winton went to the back with the vet and I heard horrible noises from the back-he came back a very unhappy kitty! Mom asked the vet tech if he was mean and she said sorry but yes! Mom knew right then that Winton isn't feeling 100% because he's never been that cranky at the vet.

So mom and Dr. Evans talked and then mom started crying! She knows that Winton isn't feeling well and that in the past month he's deteriorated due to his renal failure but it makes her so sad! Mom has known all along that she couldn't fight his renal failure-she's been working so hard to give Winton a good quality of life...but all of a sudden it hit mom. And then she talked to Dr. Evans tonight with his bloodwork.

His levels in         January 2008 Sept 2008

BUN                            78                116
Creatinine                  3.3                5.9

Dr. Evans said the creatinine is the kidney specific number which gave her a little bit more idea about how his kidneys are working. Dr Evans was very nice to mom on the phone! She said that as long as Winton allows, mom is to try 50cc of fluids 4 times a week. Winton starts to get really antsy around the 50cc's! SO mom is going to do that! Mom is going to make him comfortable and let him eat anything he wants!! And Dr. Evans told mom that if she has any questions to call her anytime! Mom cried again on the phone! At least velcro, our dog, came up to mom to give her a kiss!

So mom had a beer! And she has hugged all of us including the dog!!!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Saturday, September 13, 2008

A saturday without that silly dog...

Mom slept late today-she woke up at 9am..she's had a long week of work. She immediately went into the kitchen to feed us! She knows how hungry we get! Then she made herself a tea and fed the silly dog! Mom and the dog were going somewhere today-so we knew we'd have the entire house to ourselves! Before mom left, she gave Winton his fluids. He cried when she stuck him with the needle, but after that he was fine. She is trying to give him fluids about 3x a week...and so far he's being really good about it! Mom is tired now and we want to snuggle with her in bed so we'll be saying good night! We hope everyone is having a nice weekend and we also hope all the dogs and kitties in the hurricane area are ok!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom.

We wanted to wish mom a very Happy Birthday. Unfortunately her birthday now falls on a very sad day for this country....but we wanted her to know we think she's special to us! Mom always thinks of the people who lost their lives on this day, and always will. Happy Birthday mom

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mom is still busy working...but she still loves us!

We thought mom's schedule would free up when she finished working on her tv show Mad Men but it hasn't. She's still working as much as she was! Of course mom was out of town this past weekend-she got back late sunday night and we were very happy! We enjoyed our Uncle taking care of us though!! He fed us and took really good care of us! Mom was off on monday-so she stayed home until she took that "dog" sheep herding-of course we were then left in the house alone without the dog!!! Today, mom went to work, again! Luckily she was home early today so she snuggled with us and gave Winton his fluids. Winton growled a bit today as she was trying to settle him down, but once he was on the counter and mom had the needle in he was good! We never like to hear him growl or cry....but we think he knows that the fluids help him!!


Friday, September 5, 2008

Mom will be out of town...

Mom is leaving to take her bean on a college trip today. She doesn't like leaving us, but at least our uncle will be here to feed us, clean out our litter boxes and give us all our meds! Mom will help us post when she gets back!

R.I.P Texas. You will be missed!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A tuesday after our long weekend....

Mom spent most of the day home today! She didn't go into work until 1pm! So we had a nice morning! The sub Q's didn't go well today-sometimes mom has issues with the needles-the fluids leak onto Winton's back...of course it might not help that it's only mom doing this and Winton isn't happy to have a needle stuck in his says she's going to try again tomorrow!! We all come into the bathroom when Winton gets his fluids-Blossom has to be shooed away because she can be a bit of a pest! Winton was just pawing at mom while I was in her lap at the computer. I bet he's ready for snuggle time and love! 3 Perf is sleeping in his chair and that silly Blossom just swatted at me!! Silly girl!