Saturday, September 27, 2008

A slug like saturday with mom

Mom slept in until 9:30am this morning so we were all snuggling on the bed with her!! We love it when mom is home! Winton got his fluids today-another 50cc's. That's about all he cares for-then he starts to wiggle and squirm...and mom doesn't want him to do that with a needle under his skin. Winton got a special treat today-mom bought him baby food! He's not really super hungry so mom is trying to tempt him with yummy foods. We're all hoping he eats his baby food! Mom is going to get more baby food!

We've all be sleeping today-it's super hot here in southern cal. We are looking forward to the sun going down and it cooling off.



Angus Mhor said...

That sounds like a PERFECT day. My mom used to have days like that before she started helpin' take care of the Sticky Kids..PJ days are the best!

GRRRETA said...

Snuggling is the perfect way to start the day. My mommy buys us baby food too as a treat a couple of times a week.

William said...

If only a.) my mom would sleep that late and b.) she'd let at least me in to snuggle with her. I have to rely on naps!

Poppy Q said...

Our vet used the trick of putting a peg on the back of Puss neck when she had her fluids. It kept her still and calm. Maybe you could ask your vet if that works.

Give Winton a big smooch from me.

Poppy q

Parker said...

At the shelter Mommy would warm up stinky goodness for the kitties who needed to be coaxed to eat. It's gets stinkier that way, and you know us cats...the stinkier the yummier!

Daisy said...

You should always sleep in when you have the chance!