Thursday, July 7, 2011


Mom here.... I've been a bit slack on blogging. I've been off work for about 2 weeks catching up on sleep and spending time with my furbabies!

My Perfy isn't acting normal. There are subtle differences but I notice them. He still takes his pred and his green tea extract and his B-12 injections every month but I fear his "possible" GI Lymphoma might be taking hold! For those of you who can't remember, he had an ultrasound which "showed signs" of GI Lymphoma but without a biopsy we couldn't officially confirm the diagnosis! Perfy is NOT good at the vet! He stresses so much! He loses his hair, attacks, works himself into a psycho cat etc when he goes to the vet- so I made the decision to not put him thru anything that would do that to him!

So I do what I can for him!

He will get anything he wants!

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