Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A day without mom, an earthquake, and the girl meets the dog

Today we had an earthquake. Mom wasn't at home at the time-she called though....she wanted to make sure we were ok....our petsitter was taking good care of us! When mom got home, she opened the bathroom door to let us "smell" the new girl-we walked in, she hissed and tried to swat at me-but I paid no attention to her! I wanted to try out her yummy kitten food that 3 Perf had told me about! Winton stayed off at a distance-he's not quite sure what to think of her...but the dog, well she got right in there! And the little girl held her own. Of course our dog has a deep respect for cats!!! She knows that our nails HURT!


Monday, July 28, 2008

That "girl" is still in the bathroom

That "girl" is still here and in our bathroom. Mom hasn't really let us meet yet! She's still keeping us separated-it seems the "girl" is still hissing a bit. But when mom got back from work today, she was up and moving around the bathroom being way more inquisitive than she had been! Of course all we want to do is eat her kitten food-which mom wont let us do!!! We've smelled her cage-and we've seen her sitting on the bathroom counter-but no full contact yet! Mom says she's going to wait!!!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hmmm....what is this new thing?

It seems like there is a new addition in our midst! Mom hasn't told us if "she"is staying-but "she" is in the bathroom in a crate with her own food, water and a litter box! Mom said she took this little thing to the vet this morning-she didn't want to bring her in until she was tested since it is OUR house! "she" growls and has been making noise, but she's also been sleeping alot! Mom thinks she hasn't slept much in 3 days since she last saw her on friday night! The reason mom took her to the vet this morning was because a big Tom Cat had beaten her up! "She" was cowering in a corner and mom couldn't take it any longer! Mom is hoping to find a forever home for her.....but at least she's off the streets! She's only 4 months old-poor little girl!

-Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf

The weekend has finally arrived

Well, once agin it's the weekend and mom got out her camera!!! Winton had his fluids last weekend-with the help of Grandpa! Mom said he was so much better than he was at the vet! He needs them again this weekend-but mom doesn't have anyone to help her! She might try it by herself! Perf and I will help and I'm sure Velcro the dog would love to help! This morning, mom heard a cat fight outside-there is a tom cat that roams around the neighborhood beating up kitties! Don't get mom started on that one! But the cat he was beating up is a little kitty-that has to be someones cat-mom thinks she was dumped! Mom can't stand it so she's taking her to the vet this morning to have her checked out so she can bring her in and find a home for her!


Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's Saturday!!!


It's saturday and mom is home! She got home from work around 1:30am. We all greeted her at the door like we do every time she comes home-she says we're kinda like dogs in that respect. Mom we are FELINES! We are not Canines!!! We are way more sophisticated that those dogs!!! But yes we do love when you come home!!!

-Kodak, Winton and 3 Perf

Monday, July 14, 2008

Mom got a call from the Vet

Well, Kodak's fructosamine and glucose came back today and the vet called mom. His glucose was low but his frutosamine had gone up from the last time it was checked. It was 420 this time compared to about 350. So our vet told mom that Kodak has to stay on his one unit of insulin everyday! I'm sure he'll be back to the vet to have it checked again in about 6 weeks or so. Mom will have to keep an eye on him and make sure his behavior isn't changing!!!

Winton will be due for more fluids this weekend. mom is going to attempt it-hopefully he's better when he's home! HA!

As for me, well, I'm off my prednisone-FINALLY! I hated those pills. But it seems my poop is back to it's yellowish color and loose. mom is going to have to call the vet again! it seems she calls and talks to our vet alot! I guess that's what happens when we felines get a little older!!

-3 Perf

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kodak and Winton's trip to the vet


Mom took Kodak and Winton to the vet-I was jealous that they were in their carriers, so I started to walk out with mom, but she put me back inside the house! So off they went. Mom said Kodak was wonderful! he always is at the vet! He had his glucose checked as well as his fructosamine! Then it was Winton's turn for his first ever Sub Q Fluids for his renal failure. Mom has these grand plans of doing this at home so he doesn't get all amped up and cranky, so she went in to learn!! Well learn she did! Ha Ha! The vet tech told mom to scruff Winton-which she did and she was talking to him trying to calm him down, while the vert tech, Leah, put the needle between Winton's shoulder blades-boy did he cry and howl. They had to take it out and get a towel to put over Winton's head! So mom scruffed him again and held the towel over his head and they tried again! They got about 50ml of fluids in before Winton said enough is enough! He had all his paws splayed out, claws out, looking for something to clamp onto! He got mom briefly! But she knows he loves her! But he wasn't happy!!

Mom took them both into the car and drove home. When she got home she opened up the crates and let them out to cruise around the car-their treat for being so good at the vet! Winton was the only one who got out to look out the windows! Then she brought them back into the house and I was waiting for them! Where had they gone?? Why didn't I get to go? Well I'll show mom I'll get in the carrier and wait for her to take me someplace!!

- 3 Perf

Friday, July 11, 2008

Mom has been super busy!

Mom is working long hours again. And they are funny hours! She leaves for work around noon and then isn't back until 3 am. So we sleep from about 4am until 10am-and we are all snuggling in bed with her!! Tomorrow, saturday, Kodak and Winton go to the vet. Kodak is getting his glucose and fructosamine checked again and Winton is getting Sub Q fluids for the first time-mom is hoping to learn how to give them!! Wish mom luck in her learning!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Our 4th of July weekend!

Our holiday weekend was spent with mom on friday-then she left to go to some dog herding thing with that silly dog and we had the entire house to ourselves with grandpa! We were in glorious isolation with grandpa! If only mom had been there! But we did have snuggle time with her on friday! And we took advantage of it!!