Saturday, July 12, 2008

Kodak and Winton's trip to the vet


Mom took Kodak and Winton to the vet-I was jealous that they were in their carriers, so I started to walk out with mom, but she put me back inside the house! So off they went. Mom said Kodak was wonderful! he always is at the vet! He had his glucose checked as well as his fructosamine! Then it was Winton's turn for his first ever Sub Q Fluids for his renal failure. Mom has these grand plans of doing this at home so he doesn't get all amped up and cranky, so she went in to learn!! Well learn she did! Ha Ha! The vet tech told mom to scruff Winton-which she did and she was talking to him trying to calm him down, while the vert tech, Leah, put the needle between Winton's shoulder blades-boy did he cry and howl. They had to take it out and get a towel to put over Winton's head! So mom scruffed him again and held the towel over his head and they tried again! They got about 50ml of fluids in before Winton said enough is enough! He had all his paws splayed out, claws out, looking for something to clamp onto! He got mom briefly! But she knows he loves her! But he wasn't happy!!

Mom took them both into the car and drove home. When she got home she opened up the crates and let them out to cruise around the car-their treat for being so good at the vet! Winton was the only one who got out to look out the windows! Then she brought them back into the house and I was waiting for them! Where had they gone?? Why didn't I get to go? Well I'll show mom I'll get in the carrier and wait for her to take me someplace!!

- 3 Perf


Felix, Garfield & Jawsy said...

Better make sure that ur mommie knows that u're in the cage in the first place, 3 Perf!
Or u could be wasting precious naptime! :D

The Meezers said...

oh please tell your mommy that it will get better with the flooids. mommy and daddy hadded to give the one who came before flooids when he had cancer and he was like that at the beginning. but then he learned that if he was good, he gotted baby foods after and he was never bad again.

Daisy said...

3 Perf, I think you should be very glad you did not have to go to the vet! I agree with the meezers, giving the fluids will get easier, don't give up! It's sort of a compromise with the needles: a 20 gauge needle is smaller and doesn't hurt as much going in, but it takes longer to give the fluids. The 18 gauge needle is bigger going in, but the fluids go in a lot faster, too.

Mickey said...

3 Perf, forget the trip,just fast forward to the treats!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom gets busy too and does not get to visit everycat. We do try .
I hope Winton will get used to the flooids as they will help a lot!!
Have fun guys!!!! Thanks for the birthday wishes too!!!!!!!!!
Purrs Mickey

JB's Big World said...

3 Perf, you must not want to go in the carrier....not much good happens when us cats go away in the car. HOpe you got some treats!
Pee Ess: I am still playing with my goodies! Love that doggie toy!