Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Sunday

Grandpa woke up pretty early this morning. He was told by mom that as soon as he got up we'd need to be fed-and that's what he did! Of course we went to nap after eating! We think Grandpa is leaving today-his suitcase is out. The DOG isn't too happy about it-but we know that if Grandpa is leaving it must mean mom is coming home!


Saturday, April 26, 2008

Our saturday with grandpa

Grandpa is with us this weekend while mom is in Tennessee. He took pictures of us so mom could post what we've been doing! He's being a good grandpa! Feeding us yummy food and letting us out onto the balcony because it's very warm in southern california! Mom comes back tomorrow-we miss mom!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Weekend

Well Mom and The Dog went to some herding event this weekend in Escondido. That means we have the house to ourselves and when the Dog comes home, she's tired! And guess what? that's what happened! Mom got up super early and fed us yummy food on sunday! Grandpa was here this weekend-so we got snuggle time with mom and grandpa! Kodak got moms lap on saturday night before she went to bed...and then we all wandered into moms room for bedtime! Sunday mom didn't leave with the dog until about 9:30, so she gave us love and food! She was a little tired-Winton cried a bit last night! Mom kept calling his name, but he kept crying! He ate his food though this morning and took his pill! Mom bought us kitty litter and food today-because she's going to have another long week!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

A long week

Mom has been very busy this week. She's been feeding us yummy food in the morning before going to work and then in the evening when she gets back and then we've seen our petsitter in the middle of mom's work day! Winton and Perf have been sleeping with mom, I just snuggle with her at the beginning of the night and then I go sleep elsewhere.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

A long week for mom and a very HOT weekend in LA

Hi kitty blog friends, mom has been so busy this week with work! She's been working super long hours and on her thursday and friday workday she worked into the early hours of the following day( 2am friday and 3 am saturday) so mom has been a bit of a blog slacker! But we'll forgive her! Saturday she took the dog down south to herd cattle-why would a dog want to do that? We, on the other hand, had the entire house to oursleves which we loved! DOG FREE! And when mom and the dog came home, we watched the dog get a bath-and we laughed! We don't get baths because we don't go outside! We are such a higher being than the dog! It's so hot in LA right now-mom says there are heat records being set-thank goodness for cool wood floors!! We've been lying on them all weekend! We wish it would get cooler!


Monday, April 7, 2008

The Vet called today about Kodak's tests....

Mom got a call from the Vet tonight. She's quite excited. it seems Kodak's Spot Blood Glucose level, which was 102, and his Fructosamine, which was 315, are lower than his last levels. So mom and the vet are going to try Kodak on one unit of insulin once a day! They are both excited-mom especially since her hours are crazy! Once a day is so much better! So lets hope Kodak responds well to the once a day insulin. He's on PZI insulin-which supposedly does really well on a once a day dose! Mom is going to watch his water intake and take him back in 6 weeks to get his levels checked again! Yeah Kodak!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

saturday and mom has been home

Hi friends. Mom has been a bit of a slacker and hasn't been home much to let us blog-so we apologize for falling a bit out of touch with all our blogging kitty friends! This work stuff is really occupying moms time! Kodak went to the vet today to get his spot glucose test and fructosamine. His Glucose came back at 102-the vet is cautiously optimistic! She didn't want to get too excited until the results of his fructosamine come back in a few days! but we are keeping our paws crossed! If his levels are good he might be bumped down to one unit once a day! But we wont know anything for a few days! But the vet said he looked great!!! Kodak got to spend two quality hours alone with mom today!! Lucky him! he slept in her lap!


Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Velcro, the Dog,is 4 years old today!

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Happy Birthday to our dog, Velcro! She is 4 years old today!! meow and woof to her!! We love our woofie!