Sunday, April 13, 2008

A long week for mom and a very HOT weekend in LA

Hi kitty blog friends, mom has been so busy this week with work! She's been working super long hours and on her thursday and friday workday she worked into the early hours of the following day( 2am friday and 3 am saturday) so mom has been a bit of a blog slacker! But we'll forgive her! Saturday she took the dog down south to herd cattle-why would a dog want to do that? We, on the other hand, had the entire house to oursleves which we loved! DOG FREE! And when mom and the dog came home, we watched the dog get a bath-and we laughed! We don't get baths because we don't go outside! We are such a higher being than the dog! It's so hot in LA right now-mom says there are heat records being set-thank goodness for cool wood floors!! We've been lying on them all weekend! We wish it would get cooler!



Parker said...

O Hi O is cold. We forgot what hot is like!

PB & J said...

It's cold here in Michigan too, but at least it's sunny - we'll take sunny!