Sunday, December 21, 2008

We've traveled far but still haven't reached Tennessee

Last night we stayed in Tucumcari, NM. Mom said it was cold...we didn't really feel it because we were wisked from the car and into the hotel room where we were given stinky goodness and love!! Perfy and Kodak slept on pillows right next to mom's head, I slept on the other bed! I had spent the evening running all around the room!!

Today, mom bundled us back into the car and we were was still COLD! Thank goodness we don't live outside!! We'd never survive this cold!!! We like our warm blankets.

Mom drove and drove and drove....she stopped in oklahoma City to eat lunch with a friend...and then she drove and drove!! For a total of 13 hours. Mom thinks we are the best travelers ever!!! We don't make a noise! I mainly stayed in the back, aka the cat area. As did perf. Kodak was in the carrier most of the day. At 7pm when he got his insulin, mom took him into the front and put him on a warm blanket. She thinks he was getting cold!!

We're now in Conway Arkansas....just 5 1/2 hours tomorrow until we arrive at nanny and grandpa's house and our kitty cousins. They've been told we are arriving....Kodak and Perf have met the kitty cousins. I have not! Actually, I hadn't traveled at all until this trip, so everything is new to me. So tomoorw we see the cousins, Muffy and Hamish. Mom is concerned that I'll fight with hamish or that hamish will fight with me. He's a former California cat that mom rescued and then gave to her he's pulled up his chair inTtennessee and doesn't want any other kitties there..... I guess we'll see.

Mom has said once we get to the house tomorrow and have better internet she'll let us visit our friends. until then...we all hope you've had a great weekend!! Thanks for sharing our cross country trip!!



Kaz's Cats said...

Wow, you've all travelled such a long way! Mum is very impressed - we both complain about relatively short trips around here, so she thinks that you guys are being very well-behaved. Safe travelling,


Gypsy & Tasha

Parker said...

Nice job with being so good! Arrive safe!

Anonymous said...

We never travelled from one city to another city before, take care

Joanne, Jane, Jill, Johnny, Jasmine, Jay boy & Capu from Singapore

The Creek Cats said...

Wow, you guys are really traveling. We have never traveled before, only to da vet. We have never been in hotel rooms either! What an adventure!

Anonymous said...

"Wow" that's alot of traveling.I hope you all have a great time...Hugs Ariel

meemsnyc said...

Wow your mom did so much driving. We hope you can rest up now and enjoy the holidays!

PB 'n J said...

Wow what an adventure you guys are on! We're sure that Hamish will be ok - after all you're both Catifornia kitties! Travel safely dear friends!