Saturday, January 24, 2009

Mom left us to go to Carlsbad!

Mom left with the dog today! She drove to Carlsbad California to run in some sort of race called a Half Marathon. All we know is that our pet sitter came to see us tonight! She took pictures to give to mom-so mom wouldn't forget us!! Mom will be back tomorrow after running!!

Wish mom luck!!! She's running for one of their official charities, Labrador Rescuers! She raised over $1700-she didn't make her $2000 goal but she seems happy with her accomplishment!! yeah MOM!!

If you'd like to donate, here is her donation page:


Daisy said...

Good luck to your mom! That is a wonderful thing to do: get exercise, have fun, and help a worthy cause.

Grrreta said...

That's wonderful that she raised so much money for the charity. We wish her luck in the race.

Parker said...

Hooray for your Mom!
We are proud of her!

Junior said...

Wow! A half marathon! Great job!