Monday, June 28, 2010

not getting any easier

**Perf's Mom here**

His pill taking and his reaction to his pills is getting worse! He's now starting to foam at the mouth after every pill and gags many times. I'm having to wrap him in a towel so that I don't get deep scratches or puncture wounds from him- he HATES it that much! And then he spends about an hour flicking his tail in anger!

I was hoping it wouldn't get like this! If only he tolerated pills! If only I could hide the green tea extract in his food- but he smells it! He would still have to take his steroid by pill but at least then it would only be one pill every other day.

He's losing fur on his neck from stress. And everytime I give him a pill he loses more fur.

It just doesn't seem fair to him! I'm telling him I'm trying to save his life- but he doesn't know why I'm doing this to him!

My poor Perfy! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I can't find a better way to make you feel better! I'm trying so hard and want to help you but I don't want to cause you anymore stress than you already have!

I'm sorry if you think I'm a bad Mom! I'm not! I would do anything for my furbabies!

I love you Perfy! I'll keep trying to different ways to give you your meds!


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Parker said...

Do you have a pill shooter? Sometimes the pills go down easier with one. I am so sorry he's stressing so hard!

cwcwccw said...

one of my cat starting foam at his mouth before you give him a pill, another one even we open her mouth put right in her mouth but you will found the pill on the floor!!! I really hope Perfy is know that you really love him & let you give him a pill.

joanne, jane, jill, johnny, jay boy, jasmine & capu from singapore

Kea said...

(((Hugs))) for you and purrs for Perf!

When I had to give Annie Pred via syringe (she can't be pilled), the clinic made it up in their own flavoured suspension. It was still bad, but didn't cause the same degree of foaming that she had without the flavour. It was awful.

This is something I think about with Annie quite a bit. She's hyper-t now, on transdermal gel twice a day, which is fine. But she is SO awful at the vet, so awful being treated, that I know in my heart if/when she develops other health issues that mean various meds, I'll have to let her go, because *she* won't have quality of life. I think every cat is different--my Derry, for instance, would likely take more meds/treatment. But Annie? I can see it's not going to work for her. And I sincerely hope that time is far in the future, though she is pushing 10 now.

So good luck to you...It would be so much easier if we could speak the same language and make our fur kids understand. Or ask them what they would choose for themselves.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Yuu-Chan and Bibi-Chan said...

You must not EVER think that you're a bad Mom. You really are doing everything possible. Do you think one of those calming collars might de-stress him a bit?

Tiki & Kirby (& sometimes Kesey) said...

If you can shoot the pill into the back of his throat, he won't be able to taste it and shouldn't foam. It is always good to give treats afterwards. Sometimes a syringe of water afterwards is good too. Good luck!

Cheysuli and gemini said...

I think you are getting lots of good ideas. However the Chans are right--you are a good mom. Some cats just don't want to be treated. I know that I only medicate Cheysuli with pills (not liquid) because she doesn't see the pills coming. With most cats it's the opposite to treat! I have had cats that needed to be pilled for long term that I knew wasn't going to happen (and I'm good at pilling cats). Talk to as many people you can about ideas and see what they suggest.

I would talk to the vet to see if they think the green tea pill is worth the fight. Not having to be pilled DAILY might help relax him a bit more and make it less likely that he'll fight. Good luck.

William said...

Oh my goodness, we know how very very stressful this is for you, too! Please, know that you're doing all you can.

What if you crush up the pill with a mortar and pestle and add it to a little bit of Perf's favorite baby food? When my old sis Sophie had to have pills every day, this is what my mom did. If Sophie didn't eat it, Mom would take some on her finger and put it on Sophie's teeth (at the side of her mouth). It was less stressful and at least she got some of the medication.

The Island Cats said...

Have you tried pill pockets?? You can get them at the pet store. Or you can have the medication compounded into a flavored treat. I've used a veterinary pharmacy in Houston (they do mail order) called Veterinary Pharmacies of America.

Island Cats' mom

Ikaika said...

Poor Perf! I can relate to the problem you're experiencing ... some kitties just hate being medicated. I usually resort to the mix-it-with-baby-food trick, and I it seems to work, even with supplements. I suck the mixture (cut with a little warm water) into a child medication syringe and can usually get it down their throats. Good luck with Perf ...

'Kaika's mom

P.S. Green tea supplements also come in powder form in capsules ... maybe you could open the capsule and mix it with baby food ...