Monday, May 21, 2012

Hello's been awhile, I've been a bit of a slacker secretary, but since I am finished with my season of Glee, I'm hoping to update the girls' blog a little bit more frequently!! I did want to share something with everyone, if there are still people that read this! Before my sweet 3 perf went to the rainbow Bridge because of horrible Cancer, he starred in a short film called "Mrs henderson's cat"...yes he was Mrs Henderson's cat!!! When the director, Will (who actually works with me) asked if my orange tabby, 3 perf, could come and film for a few hours at his house, I said why not...but I told him, he can be quite a pill and very unpredictable so i have no idea how he might do... Wills aid no problem, that i was the only person he knew who had an orange tabby. So Perfy and I went to Wills house and perfy made his acing debut!!! I just want everyone to know that my perfy was absolutely wonderful!! He was great, acted great and wasnt a pill!!! Knowing that he was sick and that I had limited time with him, made this such a fun moment!! Yes I was a stage mom!!! The film is finished and will be coming out soon. They just need to complete some post productions items and then i will get to see my boy on the screen. here is the link to the website! If you can donate to help get the short film finished, please donate. Thanks so much!!

Mrs henderson's cat fundraising website

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William said...

How cool is that? First fame in the Internets and now immortality in film!