Monday, June 25, 2012

Brittany the calico needs surgery...she needs our help

Hello all, furmom, penny, here.

I decided to hijack the girls' blog for a post about another girl kitty, Brittany.

I have set up a chip-in to help; Brittany's Chip-in but here is the entire story!

I have set up this chip in for Sherry, who is the owner of 8yo Brittany a spayed calico.

I met Sherry on Friday at the Harbor Animal Shelter. She was sitting talking/crying to the shelter supervisor when i walked in. I initially didn't get involved until I was asked if I knew of any cat rescues that could help Sherry with her cat, Brittany. So i sat and listened...

Sherry has had Brittany since she was a kitten, 8 years. She LOVES this girl and wants to do everything she can for her BUT she is a low income single mom of 2 kids and lives check to check. She is on subsidized living.

I listened to Sherry's story, Brittany was screaming in the bathroom, peeing blood and Sherry knew she was in pain. So she brought her to the Harbor Animal Shelter hoping they could help-they don't do that. So she was going to have the shelter euthanize her because she couldn't afford to take her to her vet, Affordable Animal Clinic in Torrance, California ( )

I couldn't stand hearing this!!! Brittany had to be given a chance!!! So I said I would help. I told her to take Brittany to Affordable and that I would pay for the exam and if she needed anything else-for them to call me.

Sherry took Brittany right to the vet!!! The vet called me about an hour later to tell me what brittany needed. She needed to be admitted, given fluids, bloodwork done, xrays etc..... and I said OK. I had super bowl winnings that were stashed away in a jar for "an emergency" and i felt this was the time to dig into the jar! brittany was going to get care!!

The next day, the vet called me and said Sherry wanted to talk to me. She said the vet had diagnosed Brittany-she had Kidney stones and crystals and needed surgery. They quoted her $1500 for the surgery. Sherry was once again in tears and said there was no way she could pay this and that she was going to take Brittany back to the Harbor Animal Shelter to be PTS because 1) she couldn't afford the euthanasia fee at Affordable ($275) and 2) she CAN NOT pay $1500 for surgery.

I told her to wait-that we could figure something out!!! She said the vet wanted her to have antibiotics but that she only had $25 and the antibiotics were $35. I said get the antibiotics, I'll pay the $10 difference. Get her the medications-it will buy her some time so that all of this can be figured out.

I then posted a status update on Facebook asking for any help. I received so much help! I was given links to a number of organizations that help people with medical expenses for their animals. I sent ALL of this information to Sherry. And told her to get to her friends computer and fill out as many as she could!

I just talked to Sherry today! She filled out 4 online applications for financial assistance, she has heard back from one already-they do not have the funds to help. She is calling a few today, because that is a requirement. But she is still no closer to getting funds for Brittany's surgery.

This is where I stepped in.

I can't imagine having a beloved pet and NOT being able to afford medical care-and the only option being to put your beloved pet to sleep at the local shelter. Absolutely horrifying!!! Everyone deserves the love of an animal!!!

I go to the Harbor Animal Shelter so much and watch these heartless uncaring people come in and dump their animals without a care in the world! It makes me sick! Then I meet a woman who adores her cat but can't afford to help her!!! She deserves to be helped!!

I'm asking that 1500 people donate just $1!!! JUST $1 is all I ask. Please share this with your friends! JUST $1...can you spare a dollar to help Brittany live????

If the $1500 is collected, she will go back to Affordable for the surgery-Sherry really liked the doctor that she saw the second day. I have also contacted Dr Kenneth Dale Johns to see what he might charge for Kidney stone surgery at his vet clinic in Santa Monica, CA (

That about sums it up. Brittany is on antibiotics but we need to raise funds fast so that she isn't in any pain!


Thank you so very much!!!

Penny Sprague
mom to Velcro, Ceilidh, Jack Sparrow, Blossom and Skye

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