Saturday, March 1, 2008

A cool foggy misty saturday

That human of ours was up very early this morning! She put her running gear on and left the house with the dog, thank goodness! So we had the entire house to ourselves this morning. When they both came back, the dog was in our faces again! What is it about dogs?? But mom gave us a bit more yummy food and of course then she took the flashy box thing out, AGAIN, and took pics.....we laughed at one of the pics of Perf-he looks like the flying nun!! It's kinda cool here today so mom has closed all the windows so we stay nice and toasty! We might even snuggle with her!!

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Daisy said...

All the photos show very expressive ears! I think #7 (Kodak) is funny!

Poppy Q said...

At least cats don't have to go out for a run.

PB & J said...

It looks like Perf may have a bit of Frootbat in him with that picture! Stay warm!