Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tuesday and we're left at home with the dog

Now that mom is back to work, our days are spent with the dog. Thank goodness our pet sitter come to see us in the middle of the day! But the dog gets jealous when she talks to us.....hmmm...we must get rid of the dog or stop her from sniffing our butts and getting jealous. Maybe we should put Winton on it-he loves to smack the dog! We miss mom, but love our petsitter....and as soon as mom gets home from her long day of work she feeds us!! Who doesn't like that!

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Daisy said...

I am glad you have such a nice sitter! I think the dog needs to learn to stop sniffing your spot #13. That is a little bit rude.

PB & J said...

You are lucky to have a sitter - we just get stuck home! Though Georgie is only allowed in a couple of rooms, so it's not too bad.

Parker said...

Yup, I feel your pain. Our dog loves to sniff us!