Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Call from the Vet

Mom got a call from the vet about Kodak's fructosamine levels and 3 perf's blood work. Kodak's fructosamine was 326, which is only one point higher than what it was in April, 325, so the vet is very happy! She wants to have him tested again in 6 weeks and if it hasn't changed much we might be stopping his insulin to see if he's levelled off.....

3 Perf's blood work looked pretty good. His potassium level was slightly elevated, .3 above normal. And his White Blood Cell count was up, especailly the Ecyinophiles and the Nutrophiles. The Ecynophiles show either an inflamation or parasites and the Nutrophiles can be elevated due to stress, inflammation or infection. And since we've ruled out parasites, the vet is now treating his diahrea with prednisone for inflammation-most likely of the bowl.....IBD. Hmm...we'll see how he feels and if it works. She's hoping the prednisone will be short term!!

So Perf will be taking pills again-and he HATES to be given pills!! It will be a fun time for mom!


Daisy said...

Hooray for the fructosamine levels! That sounds like very good news.

Will 3 Perf take pills in Pill Pockets?

Parker said...

WooHoo - good news about the fructosamine levels! I hope you don't have to do the insulin anymore.