Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our weekend...

It's cold here. And super windy. mom has put out alot of wool blankets for us! Mom's hooman son is here so Winton has a lap to sit in alot! He likes moms hooman son!! Winton ate this morning after mom put him on the counter and now he's sleeping. Mom is going to attempt fluids today but if he doesn't tolerate it then she'll stop. Mom is really torn about what to do....she wants to make him as comfortable as possible but does not want to be that mommy who keeps her kitty alive just for her!!! But Winton will be the first kitty that mom will have to decide when "it's time" and it makes her cry!! She's had kitties before us, but it was when she was in college and her mom was left with those babies... Everyone says she'll know when it's time.....but she still cries and wonders if she's doing the right thing! Winton just continues to snuggle with her as do we all!!!


Parker said...

That's the hardest part of being a Mommy. She will know the right thing at the right time.
Our thoughts are with you guys. We know that it must be a very difficult time for your Mom.
Smooches to all of you and a gentle hug for Winton.

Daisy said...

Those are beautiful photos! My Mommie agrees, it is a very difficult decision to make. But we know that whatever you decide will be the right thing. Purrs to you.

Kodak the Eskie said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Winton is not doing well. You will know when the time is right. You don't want them to suffer. When they can no longer eat or drink or are in pain, that is probably an indicator. Special hugs to all of you tonight. I (kathy) have been in that position 3 times more than I'd like.

Hugs, Kodak & Kathy

William said...

My mom feels your mom's anguish. Tell her she just needs to listen to her heart.


Poppy Q said...

Wintons Mommie, my mum went through the same thoughts that you did. It was really tough. She knew that when Puss couldn't eat or drink, and wouldn't purr that she had had enough. It was the toughest, and the bravest thing she has ever done. But she was super pleased that she did the right thing for her poppet and could give her smooches as she passed to the bridge.

Everyone is right, you will know the right time for your boy and we will be beside you to give you hugs.

We are super glad that Winton got to snuggle with your boy.

Smooches and hugs to you and your brave wee fellow Winton.

Julie and Poppy Q

PB 'n J said...

Our eyes are all leaking at the thought of it, but your Mommy knows what's best for Winton and she'll take care of him till the end. We're purring for Winton and your Mommy, it's a hard time.