Sunday, November 11, 2007

3 Perf and his Corneal Ulcer

3 perf actually developed a Corneal Ulcer after I adopted Winton. Winton had been in a rescue and when he came into the house he had a typical "kitty cold" well from what my animal ophthamologist said his ulcer could have been the result of a virus from the "kitty cold." Well what a horrible thing to deal with! And it was with the baby of the kitty family who is a MEAN cat! We went to the Animal Eye Clinic in Marina Del Rey California and were treated by Dr Elizabeth Chambers. First of all-it's not cheap! But if you were to see his eye....oh my god it was awful! Cloudy and white and clearly making him miserable so it was so worth it! And I realized after he was treated just how painful it really was for him! He was docile with the vet when he first started going in and after all of the numerous treatments, visits, the white plastic collar,eye drops etc he slowly started feeling better and getting meaner! He was getting back to his normal mean self!

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