Monday, November 19, 2007

Kodak comes to the kitchen for his insulin shot

It's like Kodak knows the shots are making him feel better! Around every 12 hours he comes up and starts rubbing up against me...he wants his shot! I swear it's made his arthritis better-he seems to be walking better, has more energy. The insulin has done wonders for him! Unbelievable.

Winton on the other hand is sleeping alot-even though this morning he raced around like a dervish chasing after something-who knows what! I think now he's sleeping. he's still eating his k/d food but I'm wondering if he's got other ailments...

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Debra said...

Hi there,

I love that you're writing about the experience of living with aging cats and coping with the diseases that they are prone to.

We had four "geriatric cats" until recently when Luckie lost her battle with chronic renal failure. Now we're down to three and they're all relatively healthy considering their ages (12,12, and 13)

Good luck to you in this journey. Check out our new site if you get a chance.