Monday, November 26, 2007

Monday...just a little vent....

Well hopefully I'll hear from the ASPCA about reimbursements for Kodak's initial diabetes diagnosis. i called and they received the fax on the 2oth so now I just wait. None of the babies slept with me last nite-they must have been too hot! I did wake up to Perfy getting it not possible to have a day when something doesn't happen?? But I love them to death and wouldn't change it for the world...even though they are probably one of the reasons my ex-boyfriend walked out on me while I was at work! He hated the cats, hated the litter on the floor, hated the kitty vomit-actually hated everything about my cats and didn't like the fact that they would come up onto the bed and the fact that the dog slept on the bed..... he actually said one day: "you like the animals more than me..." oh yeah after the way you left I sure as hell do like them more than you! They are always there for matter what! They comfort me when I'm sad, crying, down and cold! How anyone could hate an animal is beyond me! What is wrong with people???

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