Friday, November 16, 2007

A visit to the vet for a spot glucose check yesterday

Well first of all a very quiet nite last nite! Yeah! No crying at all last nite. Winton was quiet until about 7:30am, Kodak came and slept for a few hours on the temperpedic pillow-he loves it! It feels good for me so must feel good to aging animals. I may have to buy some memory foam and make cat beds!

Yesterday, I took Kodak into the vet for his glucose spot check-he's been on insulin now for a week. He's such a good cat, everyone thinks he's the best patient! Great news, his glucose game back 173! Much better than the 433 he was! The vet is very happy with the number. It was taken 6 hours after his insulin injection. So we're right where we need to be! He'll stay on his 1 unit of insulin every 12 hours and we'll re-check his glucose and fructose levels in 2 weeks.

I don't think Winton is feeling well this morning. He threw up all his food. I may have to take him into the vet now. He still beats up on the dog though! One of his favorite pastimes!

I have ASPCA pet insurance for Kodak so I'm going to submit some of the invoices for his diabetes and see what they pay and what they dont pay.

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