Tuesday, December 4, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front....

Kodak has a new hiding place! It's in the closet in a laundry basket of old clothes that I've kept for sentimental reasons! He probably found this place because of the DOG! Yes everytime I take his insulin out of the refrigerator and start to roll it, it hits my ring and makes a "clink" sound-it's very rhythmic! Because I have a cattle dog-yes VERY SMART-she now knows that this means the cat gets a shot. So she has taken it upon herself to find Kodak-it is her job to find him. He was hiding under the bed when he heard the dog coming but he smartened up...he found the laundry basket!

The boys were really playing the other night. I bought a few more toys and so did my pet sitter-she loves to baby the boys! Well they were batting around the toys the other night. It was wonderful to see. They stopped playing when the dog came into the house because she always wanted to get in there!

Perf LOVES balls-well unfortunately so does the dog.....so the only time he can play is when I put a ball on my bed and give him "kitty play time"....the dog hates being left out!

It's cold here in California right now-the boys are hunkered down on warm wool blankets! They love to snuggle at night when I'm on the couch!

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