Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Levels are good

I worked yesterday so I wasn't able to write immediately. The vet called yesterday morning-Kodaks Fructosamine and Glucose levels are good! They are falling in a range that pleases the vet. He didn't give me the numbers are the message but today I'm going to go in and get a copy of the labs so I can keep it in his file!

On another note...Kodak has a canned or pouch food he will eat!!! Hoooray! It's the Roayl Canin Renal LP. I'm going to check all the protein, phosphorus etc levels on it and see if it's ok for a diabetic cat to eat-but so far it's the only canned food he has shown any interest in. I even went out and bought a bunch of Fancy Feast-thinking maybe he'd be drawn to the "kitty junk food" NO! I'll check the levels of the food and post in a bit.

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