Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another Day another shot and dollar....

Well, Kodak turned his nose up at his canned food-figures all this shit would happen and I'm leaving town tomorrow. But his shot was better today...maybe,hopefully, he was just sore yesterday!I think they know I'm feeling ill about leaving! I have so much to do today. I must get Winton's prescription, removable zip ties for the dog's crate, litter and paper towels so my pet sitter has everything she needs. I hate leaving my boys. This is why I had wanted to drive all of them cross country! I really need to get a small trailer or RV or something so when I need to leave town I can take all my animals with me. A tow behind trailer would be perfect! They would have a home away from home.

A note to the person who left the anonymous comment last nite-thanks-but I know Kodak will live longer than 1 year and it's ok if the pet insurance doesn't help after that! I'd pay it no matter what! And I believe ever bit counts! He only has a lifetime limit of $1500 anyway for this-but once again every little bit counts! Especially right now with the WGA strike at the holidays-I'm out of work so in the true sense every little bit counts!

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