Thursday, December 6, 2007

Perf's nite!

Seriously if it isn't one cat it's another! Perfy had a rough nite-woke up around 3am to him jumping off the bed and getting sick....every so often this happens to him. Of course he settle d right back down and slept wrapped around my head!

Today I went and bought food for the boys: DM for Kodak and his diabetes, Winton got canned K/D and the pouches of Royal Canin renal. I checked to see if they had Royal Canin pouches for diabetes-but it seems they don't! Bummer because Kodak really liked the renal pouches! I really want him to eat more canned food but what a stubborn little cat he is!

Kodak goes to the vet today at 4pm to get his glucose and fructose checked.

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