Saturday, December 22, 2007


Ouch I think Kodak felt his shot this morning-he gave a tiny cry (he's not a very vocal cat unless he wants brushed) and he turned his head around at me. I went into his hindquarters which usually doesn't hurt him that much-I wonder if it's getting sore or tender. I alternate areas all the time-try never to go into the same spot on the same day. Bad mommy!

Must go to the pharmacy and pick up Winton's prescription. Good thing they can now give cats the generic. i remember when I was paying $80 for his medication-I always wanted to claim it under my health insurance. He's family-why cant i? ha. But now that he has the generic it's about half the price.

Last day the vet is open before I leave for tennessee. I must go get more Royal Canin LP pouches for my Kodak-still the only food he'll eat. But Perf likes the Wysong cans, Winton wont touch it but loves his K/D and Neo-it's like their bodies know that the food they like is good for them-really odd! I'm going to miss my boys! They always are on my bed in the morning to wake me up when my alarm goes off and then it's a mass congregation in the bathroom-that's baby and mommy time.

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