Friday, December 21, 2007

Morning stuff and a call from the vet last nite

I'm trying to get Kodaks insulin down to a 7am and 7pm schedule for my pet sitter. My alarm went off at 7:45 and who was looking at me from the doorway-Kodak..I'm sure saying to himself where is my insulin! He loves the Royal Canin Renal LP pouches. The food isn't bad for him but at least he's eating something wet instead of all dry kibbles! I must go buy more before I leave.

My vet called last night about Winton's blood pressure-much better to hear things from the vet than the vet tech-he didn't give me everything I wanted to hear. Winton's blood pressure was between 166 and 170. She would like it down below 160 since he's taking 1/4 tablet of Amlodipine 2x a day. Mind you it's gone down from 200 so we're on the right track. She wants to re-check his blood pressure in 6-8 weeks. About the same time Kodak goes back for his re-check as well. Fun times in this household in January and February!

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