Friday, December 14, 2007

The cats like the dogs new crate and other stuff....

Yes it seems Kodak and 3 Perf like the dogs new travel crate better than the dog does! It's got a nice comfy warm pad and they are in there snuggled up. It's cave like so they like it.

I'm still in a food dilemma....I was in the middle of hunting down levels of carbs and phosphorus the other day when I was called into work...I must continue to find food that I can feed all of my cats. And I need to buy it so my pet sitter has food over the holidays!

I found out today that the insulin syringes for Kodak are cheapest at my vet! Amazing! I thought I'd be able to find them cheaper online but my vet scores big! I get 100 Ulticare 1/2cc 29 gauge x 1/2" u-40 syringes for $20 from my vet and there aren't shipping fees! And the insulin seems to be cheap thru my vet as shipping charges!

I may ask my vet why kodak is on the PZI Vet insulin. It cost so much, over $100-but lasts a very long time....but there is cheaper insulin out there-just wondering if the PZI is better...does anyone know?

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