Sunday, December 16, 2007


Seriously I adore my animals...but there are some days!! Kodak just would not eat! I tried to "slip" in a fancy feast food that is on the diabetic list-well my Russian turned up his nose at it! So then I gave him his Renal LP pouch-which he's been devouring...well he turned up his nose at that. then he turned up his nose at his dry DM....I had to coax him to eat so he could get his insulin. This of course while 3 Perf was gobbling up the Fancy Feast!!! Thank goodness Winton likes his k?d. I've started giving him more canned k/d instead of alot of dry.

This morning Winton just could not settle down. He cried and everytime I called his name the dog jumped off the bed to go hunt him down....sometimes the animals drive me nuts! I wouldn't change it for the world but AAAHHH!

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