Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Seriously I want to scream! What a horrible night! Winton was awful. Kodak and Perfy are fine at night but last nite-it feels like I got zero sleep! He cried and was at the water bowl I swear all night. I finally got up at 3:30am, went into the kitchen and opened a can of fancy feast and fed him-amazing after that he settled down and was fine! I noticed that he hadn't eaten his K/D~which is his renal food. So I'm going to have to check out the CRF food charts and find a kitty junk food that i can feed him that has the proper levels for his kidneys.

On another note-Kodak is balking at his caneed food-turning his nose up at it~the beast! Is is a full moon or something? What's going on???

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