Monday, January 7, 2008

A good night sleep!

I don't know maybe the gods were listening or something but I slept relatively howl free last night. Winton settled down and slept most of the night on the pillow beside my head. I had given him a plate of food around 10pm-lets hope that's the trick!! It was nice getting sleep!

It's sunny here today-the rain is gone for now. Kodak snuck onto the balcony yesterday while I was watering plants-he loves the balcony but it was a bit too chilly yesterday for that so he had to come in. He wasn't too happy about it!

I think I heard Perf rumbling around for food in the middle of the night-I think it was Perf the only one else it could have been was Kodak and he's not much of a food scrounger!

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