Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Back from the Ultrasound

He wasn't too happy about them shaving his tummy for the Ultrasound and putting gel on it!

Well, we're back! Lets get right to it. The doctor who administered the ultrasound found nothing glaring! No huge tumors or nodules that would immediately say CANCER so I have a slight smile on my face. More relief for now!!! I was really feeling incredibly ill this morning. I've already lost one cat to Lympho Sarcoma I didn't want to find out today the same news. But that wasn't and isn't the case for now. He had actually gained a bit of weight since last week!! Winton weighed 10 lbs 12 1/2 oz! Up from 10 lbs 5 oz last week! baby steps!!

Here is what she saw on the ultrasound-I was writing furiously as she was showing me the pictures and explaining:
  • Bladder- looks fine
  • Kidneys-show signs of renal failure-bith kidneys look the same though which she was happy about.
  • Spleen-a little larger than normal
  • Stomach- looks fine-had a bit of food in it. (They never told me to not feed him-I thought about it this morning). But she didn't see any signs of thickening
  • Liver-the vessels were more prominent-could have something to do with his CRF
  • Gall Bladder-normal
  • Adrenal Gland-normal
  • Small Intestine-there was some fluid there-but probably because of his food intake
  • She did find one enlarged lymph node, just one, in the intestinal area
  • Pancreas-shows possible signs of pancreatitis
She wasn't too concerned with these things-nothing glaring as I said before. She's going to send the results to my vet so I'm sure we'll be discussing other possible treatments. He might have an intestinal disease-IBD, or GI Lymphoma (YUCK!) But unfortunately since he has CRF, any procedures we do from here-endoscopy, biopsy or a medical trial have an added twist because of his kidneys! As does the heart murmur, which I'll now be dealing with. I'll probably schedule a consult and an Echo soon.

But I'm feeling a bit of relief! Just a little bit! She didn't see a HUGE TUMOR which was my fear. It doesn't rule out him having a very subtle something that is changing his body.....but for today I feel relief! I love my animals-but you never realize just how much until something happens!

The first thing is to try to get a little bit more weight on him-I'm going to try to feed him more wet food since he's enjoying the wet food more!

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RBR said...

Glad to hear there was no huge tumor or any obvious disease (other than his known CRF). Tell Winton-boy that his belly hair will grow back and that he is just as handsome with a bare belly!

Of course, my Winston had 5 Abdominal U/S in a year and went on prednisone so his poor belly was bald as a ping pong ball the whole year! It is great for blowing raspberries!

(Note: Winston did not approve of this childish behavior and only tolerated it because it made me laugh. I feel it is disrespectful to his memory to make it sound as if a cat of Winston's stature would enjoy something like this ;o) )