Friday, January 18, 2008

Meow Meow Meow Meow



Winton attacking Velcro

Yep that's what I heard at 7:30 this morning from Winton-mom get out of bed and feed me!!! So I listened like the good human caretaker that I am! And they all gobbled down food. Perfy slept on the bed last night-he must have been cold. Well he started off on the chair and the proceeded to move to the bed to snuggle by mom. Come to think of it Perf loves to sleep. he did play quite a bit yesterday~of course he was racing around the house and the dog thought it was her job to chase him so there were Perf and Velcro sliding across the hard wood floors...funny! I've scheduled a vet appoinment for Winton tomorrow. He's a little past due for blood work. he's been losing weight. But there isn't anything glaring other than the fact that he's renal deficient. But the blood work will let me know how his levels are-for I feel things have changed. Kodak threw up today-he ate alot!!! He tends to overeat a bit....especially if he's hungry.

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