Thursday, January 17, 2008

Food, Food and more Food

Calm, Quiet, peaceful night! Thanks goodness for that! I didn't make it to the pet store yesterday-felt the need for time for me so I saw a movie-good thing I have a huge stash of food!!! I think I'm going to order the Wysong online-the all meat variety-it's good for both Diabetic and CRF cats and the dog can eat it if they hate it!!! Gotta love that! I have to order online because no one carries the all meat variety anywhere near me in Los Angeles-hopefully I wont get killed with stupid shipping charges! And hopefully after all that they like it and will eat it. kodak has been VERY picky lately! He's wanted to go back to his dry food-they've all been hungry-it's been a bit chilly here in sunny southern cal....the boys must bulk up to stay warm-HA!

Here is the list of Fancy Feast that are good for both Diabetic and CRF:
Minced Beef feast
Sliced Beef feast
Sliced Beef and Giblets
Grilled Chicken feast
Tuna ans Ocean Fish in Aspic
Grilled Beef feast
Grilled Turkey feast
Sliced Chicken Hearts and Liver

The other foods I found that I think all of my cats would eat-well probably not Kodak:

Turkey and Salmon
Chicken and Herring

sounds YUMMY!!!

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