Friday, January 4, 2008

A grey Friday morning....

Well it seems Perf has a new sleeping place and it's not at the foot of my bed. I was cleaning and putting stuff up when I got back and opened the hall closet to put one of the cat carriers away and who dashed in there but Perf! He and Kodak love to find dark places to sleep....well he found one. of course the closet door is now always open. I must figure out if I need to cut a "cat door" in the door or manufacture something to keep it open because I don't want him to get stuck in there!

Winton was quite loud with his crying this morning-but once again when I call him he comes and lays down and settles-I wonder if I should inquire if he's got an upset stomach or if he's just disoriented because of the renal condition! What's odd is that he's fine during the day-it's just around 5am! At least it's not 3:30 or 4am!!!! HA!

It's a grey day today in California-we're expecting a big storm to come in..... I'm sure the boys will be sleeping all day!

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