Monday, January 28, 2008

Banging, clattering

Last nite they must have been hungry because around 5am or so there was so much clattering and banging in the kitchen. Stuff was being knocked over-what was going on. The boys seem to want fed at 6am...well they are going to have to find another human who will dot hat for them-because until i start working again (unemployed because of the WGA Strike) I wont be rising at 6am. They will have to snuggle with mom!

All of the boys are really loving the extra wet food. Kodak ate Fancy Feast for the first time today! WOW! He snubbed his nose at the Royal Canin LP pouches and went over to the dish that had the Fancy Feast-I was thrilled! he's expanding his horizons!!

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Anonymous said...

Ariel use to wake me with a paw in the face early in the morning. Yet now I shut my bedroom door so now she
just sits outside my door and meow loudly.