Tuesday, January 29, 2008

ha ha!

Well seems I've found the essence of Winton's crying-the water bowl in the small bathroom! Not that there aren't 3 other water bowls around the house but it seems he's fixated on this one. he started crying at 5am-finally at 7am I couldn't stand it and got up. he was sitting right over the water bowl and it had a splattering of water in it. Velcro must drink out of this one at night! So I filled it up, he drank and immediately settled down! Hmmmm....I filled it up last night before going to bed-there is no way Winton drank all of it-but it seems to be the only one he wants to drink out of!

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Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Is there room in there for a larger bowl or some sort of fountain? It might be worth considering this, if so. You might sleep better at night. :-)