Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wellness, Fancy Feast, K/D, D/M oh my

I'm half expecting to get the phone call from the vet today. That is if she's working today. Since I know there wasn't anything grave on the ultrasound I'm not overly concerned! The boys are enjoying the frequency of their wet food.....I think they are really preferring it to dry. I've bought Wellness and Fancy Feast that fall into the category that's good for CRF cats and Diabetic cats. Of course Kodak, being the very picky wet food eater that he is, doesn't like the Fancy Feast or Wellness-but Perf and Winton LOVE it!!! Unfortunately there are limited cans of what works best for both diseases-so we'll see....of course I try to feed Winton his Hills K/D and Kodak stills eats his dry Purina D/M.

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Anonymous said...

Checking in to see how Winton is doing.Ariel is a very picky eater too.Any wet food all she does is lick the juices and leave the rest behind.
Yet she'll devour all her dry food.